Sample jury instructions for dui illinois

While the tests are standardized, they are not always administered properly. If the police officer fails to follow protocol, the accuracy of the tests are compromised. In all prosecutions, the defendant can contest whether the police had probable cause to make the arrest. If there is a finding of no probable cause, the case will be dismissed.

ILLINOIS DUI Jury Instructions

For example, the arresting officer must have reasonable suspicion that the defendant violated the law, or was about the violate the law, before making a traffic stop. If the officer cannot articulate a basis for stop, the court will quash the arrest.

The question is whether the prosecution can prove it. The accused is presumed innocent. Previous post: Illinois domestic battery prosecutions: reviewing the law and penalties. And a revoked license can, hypothetically, last forever. The statute provides that an individual can be guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol in Illinois in two ways:.

Do You Need To Post Bail At Arraignment?

First, a person is guilty if the alcohol concentration in his blood or breath is 0. See a 1.

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This section is known as DUI per se in the respect that regardless of whether the driver is impaired, if his BAC is 0. Section a 1 enforces the legal limit. The Illinois State Police have a practice of certifying breathalyzer machines for accuracy. Nonetheless, the practice is prone to error. The defendant can question the accuracy and reliability of the testing methods.

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The online publication of the pattern jury instructions coincides with the 50th anniversary of the publication of the original IPI Civil edition, which revolutionized the trial of cases in Illinois. With the publication of the Pattern Jury Instructions for both civil and criminal cases, the Supreme Court required their use in all trials, providing uniformity in the elements to be proved at trial.

Pattern Jury Instructions, which now exist in virtually every state, not only outline the elements of what needs to be proved in a case but also provide jurors with a legal road map to determine liability or guilt.

CACI No. 430. Causation: Substantial Factor

Before their use in Illinois, one study found that 38 percent of all reversals were caused in whole or part by errors in jury instructions. Everybody will now have access to these instructions and it will be a tremendous benefit to the trial bar and judiciary. It permits the download of any or all instructions, and notes on use and comments.

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  8. It makes preparing jury instructions for trial much easier and less time consuming. Clients, as well as the legal community, will benefit. Once on the home page of the Court, it can be found under "Legal Community" below "Quick Links" on the left side of the page. The online publication of the Pattern Jury Instructions is another step in an initiative announced in June by the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court to move Illinois courts forward in the electronic age by implementing new ways of doing court business to achieve efficiency and economy in the court system.

    Since then, pilot projects have been initiated in DuPage County, Ogle County, and Adams County in the Second and Fourth Appellate Districts to provide an electronic trial record for easier access and viewing by attorneys, parties and appellate justices.