How to copy someones myspace background

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When it comes to adding friends, Myspace actually has an easier process. The problem is that this has created a community in which individuals essentially compete for the most friends, with having friends be people you actually know not really a concern.

Users on Facebook, contrarily, usually are only friends with people they actually know from school, work, or family. This makes all the functions of Facebook infinitely more useful and viable. Myspace can never effectively have things like photo albums and events because those things are only effective when shared among people you want to share them with. Another factor which affects the simplicity of adding friends is the search function.

It also lets you segment your search into things like people, pages, groups, and applications. This superior search also makes it easier to navigate Facebook overall. I mentioned earlier that features like photo albums will never work as effectively on Myspace as they do on Facebook. When someone posts a picture on Facebook, they tag the faces of friends who are in the picture.

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The friends who were tagged are notified in an email from facebook, and the picture is added to that persons profile. If one could represent this visually, it would be an extremely complex web with connections between people who have taken pictures and the people who are in them, and between the different people in the pictures. Facebook actually lets you search as such, letting you search for pictures with certain people or within another persons albums.

Facebook clearly wins in this category. Community is the backbone of any social networking site. Facebook recognizes and bolsters this superiority with the news feed. There are quite a few reasons Facebook is more useful than Myspace. Friending someone on Myspace is more like an acknowledgment of existence. This is probably because Facebook is a much more effective communication tool. People are much more likely to check a wall post on Facebook than on Myspace. This is mostly because people who have Facebook accounts are generally more actively checking their Facebook, some more than their email.

29 Things You'll Only Remember If You Were A Myspace Kid

However, for everyone else, Facebook sends you an email when you get a wall post or a private message. Because of the aforementioned network system, Facebook is a very effective tool within any sort of group. You can stay in touch with what your coworkers are doing in your office network, or stay up to date on the upcoming events within your school network. Seeing that weird creepy guy in front of a board, smiling. This was a website where you could share your pictures, opinions, update your moods, post statuses, blog, and listen to music.

You can describe it as the pre-historic version of Facebook honestly.


In middle school, I barely had a Myspace! Everybody at school had one and I felt like I was the lame one out the bunch. Back then, me being a pre-teen and trying to fit in, I made it my duty to create my own profile if I was going to survive at having a social life. Besides that, the two main things I did remember doing was changing my background and profile every second of every day. As well as constantly changing around my friends top 10 list.

I used to spend all night doing this because it was really a competition amongst me and my friends.

MySpace Profile Layout Tips : How to Put Backgrounds on Your MySpace Profile

The dedication and commitment behind having the best profile was real. It got really bad because I believe this is where all the social media addiction had first occurred for me. Ever since then, it blossomed into an obsession now! Basically out of all your friends on your page you had a choice between 5, 10, or 20 of your closest friends on your profile.

After you chosen those special few, when anyone would go to your page they would see who was at the top of your friends list. This meant you had instant popularity or you was somewhat cool. I believe the new thing was tweeting and whenever anyone brought up Myspace it was all jokes. My generation revisits the topic of this old site to remember how lame and ugly we used to be when we were kids.

This website had significant influence on pop culture, every one used to have one! Myspace would be the place to connect with your friends, meet new people, listen to music, blog about anything, and watch videos your friends or anybody else posted. Hey, im a BIG myspace user, i dont know how i evan go to this site, but im here, and i was readling some of the coments, here, my space is so easy to use! I found a site created by frustrated ex myspacers!

The site is very cool. They added some great features that myspace should have added along time ago. They give you a unlimited pic gallery. Also they give you a free website, and you can sell stuff in your own personal auctions or classifieds. They owners are real people too! They have an approval process to keep spammers and fakes off the site. Who wants a 15 year old "friend" if they are over 21? That kind of scared me because I saw on nightline all these guys getting arrested for meeting up with some girl that was under age.

I can see them setting up Myspace stings soon! I think myspace is pants, but I use it cos friends do, none of the pages validate or anything. Its got bugger all to do with design, and even less to do with nice coding. I am a web developer and I wont touch it with a barge pole, blogger is nice with proper css etc.

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If you cant do it right dont bother, the only way to customise is to hack, hacks are bad, its doesnt work cross browser. All the customised ones kill my computer a mac. Scott … whats the greasemonkey script, animated gifs are sooooo wrong, i am not even going to start on the video and music clips grrrrrr!! I am not even going to lie. Myspace is crap. I would also think because the site is so popular and whenever someone uses any reverence to music it is followed by "I have a myspace account".

But at around 4 o clock pacific. I hope there is a different site. Your so right about myspce sucking ass. I found a site made by ex myspacers. If your over 18 this site is great. I guess they are pretty strick on who they let in, but once your approved you can pretty much say or post anything you want. Alot of the models have tons of pic galleries of them selves up there too.

Myspace reborn! Facebook will let you pin song clips to your profile – TechCrunch

The owners told me they are installing an IM system that works with every im system like yahoo. MySpace is a huge hit, there are so many users on it. Im sure they have to do so much maintenance work to keep it running. Im sure eventually they will have better layout and design. I think maybe they cant offer that service just yet since it will impact the profile of thousands of users, and with so many ads making money for investers, if the site goes down, there would be so much money lost I dont think they want to expirement just yet.

Hi, I totally agree. Myspace is coded terribly. But you can hack it to bits given a bit of time.