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First offenses are often non-violent, minor, and typically the result of poor decisions.

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Some of the most common first offenses include:. If you have been charged with one of these offenses or any other felony or misdemeanor, time is of the essence.

First-Offender Programs

Contacting a criminal defense attorney as early on as possible can increase your chances of a better outcome. The aim is to emphasize your clean record and present any available supporting evidence that shows that you will not commit an offense again. Your attorney will go over the facts of your case and point out inadequacies which can help reduce or even dismiss your charges and have your conviction expunged.

Once you have completed the program, which may include enrollment in counseling, restitution, and community service, your charges will be dismissed. You will have to take part in a pretrial intervention program and undergo clinical assessment before entering drug court. If you successfully complete the program, your charges may be dismissed, and you may avoid a felony conviction. As a first-time offender, you could have your charges withdrawn, dismissed, or reduced, but your record will still state a criminal arrest unless you can have it expunged. This Act provides a probation program for first offenders.

The Act specifies that in some non-violent cases of drug possession, you can complete a period of probation that will allow you to have your charges dismissed without being convicted.

What Happens if I am A First-Time Offender?

Your arrest and your case may also be expunged. To avoid a criminal record and the penalties that come with conviction, you need to be eligible for the diversion program. To qualify, you must show that you:. If you are a first-time offender, you may be able to have your record sealed or expunged once your case is resolved.

Common First-Time Offenses

It is in your best interest to contact a Melbourne Florida criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible so that attorney can represent you during any court dates and obtain a favorable resolution to your case. You can also view a crime reports map, see a recent list of actively dispatched calls for service and learn more about various community programs.

There is also an overview of security, news, and information about court services. Brevard County Harry T.

Moore Justice Center Viera Florida There are also links to family, juvenile, and traffic division cases. Were you in Brevard County when you were arrested for the very first time?

Eligibility and Requirements for First-Time-Offender Programs

You will want to immediately seek the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney so you can avoid serious consequences. Let our firm review your case by calling right now to take advantage of a free legal consultation.

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